What are teeth whitening systems
With all types of bleach results will vary from person to person and depends degree of success of bleach on the health of dental condition, the type and degree of yellowing teeth, and the type and concentration of the solution used in bleach, and user time, and follow the patient instructions, and bleach the user's system.
What are the biggest differences between household bleach and whitening at the dentist?
Bleach period: take several weeks household bleach teeth by the case and many of the factors mentioned above, but often take the bleaching process at the dentist one visit (less than one hour) Supervision: are the bleaching process at the dentist under the supervision of a doctor, while household bleach process Vfkd such supervision Cost: whitening at the dentist costs more than household bleach, so it's worth noting that home bleaching or teeth can be connected to the whiteness you like at a lower price, especially if the color of your teeth is close to the color that you want to access it
Are there ways to reduce the risk of household bleach?
If you feel at any time sensitivity in the teeth of a warm or cold, or a change in the color of your gums stop using household bleach immediately and see your dentist Try to choose a system you can modify the shape of the container, which will put him on your teeth.
What are the risks of teeth whitening?
There are two problems are linked to launder the first teeth is increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, and the second sore gums or agitation Agitation gums: often caused by the use of pot household bleach prefabricate and be larger than needed these two problems and temporary structures depend within two to three days after ovulation stops. To reduce tooth sensitivity: use a special toothpaste sensitive teeth contain potassium nitrate, which calms the severity of allergies and pain
Is teeth whitening process considered to be free of the consequences?
Alent the American Dental Association acceptance of some materials and bleach solutions and after her experience on the large numbers of American reviewers, and the solutions that have been accepted by the American Dental Association
What are the results of bleach in the long run?
Does not last tooth whitening over Alamrellochkas who consume food or drinks containing dyes (Kalhloyat or juices colored or tea and coffee) or smokers could teeth begin Basferrar after one month of bleach and can whitening effect full or more for the year to continue non-smokers and those who do not consume foods and drinks containing dyes
Are there instructions can increase the life of bleach?
Avoid the consumption of substances that contain dyes- Brush your teeth immediately after eating food or drinks Alsabgp for Osinan- If you want to drink, try using chromosomal material promises a drink and tried to prevent touching the drink to the front Osinank- Follow the mouth and teeth cleaning guidelines. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss f used once before bedtime Use Whitening Toothpaste (Mk of or twice a week only) to remove Almitrsph0- spots on the surfaces of your teeth and use toothpaste that contains fluoride and non-bleach rest of the week Bleach came back every six months or a year or two, depending on how you used to bleach Alta-, and if you smoke or consumers Alsabgp material could need for bleaching three or four times a year
Frequently Asked Questions
Does bleach will remove the outer layer of the teeth? The use of lotions Authorized by the American Dental Association and available at most dentists around the world are not at all affect the hardness and strength of teeth Does bleach lead to dental fillings damage? Authorized Solutions has experience in bleach by many dentists in the world and did not cause any damage on the different kinds of fillings It should be noted that the fillings and crowns and bridges are not getting whiter by solvents teeth whitening so the teeth whitening may make the color of the filling or crown or bridge different from natural teeth that are affected by bleaching the color, and therefore must charge change or crown or not to bleaching to avoid this problem is the whitening effect the tooth nerve ? There is no evidence that bleach negatively or positively affect the backbone of the teeth, and in the statistics prepared by the US National Institute of Health, a group of Americans, that after seven years of whitening teeth did not need any of them treat nerve at all.