Teeth Whitening Systems
Teeth whitening toothpastes It can be found on the shelves of pharmacies, associations or contain Msnfrh chemical and materials poacher. Whitening toothpastes do not whiten deeply and can not access the results, such as those you can reach it by bleaching at the dentist that pastes bleached teeth can whiten your teeth one degree or less. The whitening at the dentist could whiten your teeth from three to eight degrees Home Teeth Whitening Supervising dentist to make a special pot-sized teeth allows the vessel utmost of- contact between the teeth and bleach solution. Teeth whitening solution is placed into the container and leaves in the mouth bedtime. this method considered the best way for teeth whitening You can buy pre-made pot of teeth, and this container and one for all-sized, and is considered relatively Fal- comes but not Kaloaa which is made by your dentist specifically for you. Put bleach solution into the container and leaves the sleep period in the mouth Cut bleach lenses: You can buy these pieces lenses in associations or pharmacies-and these pieces are placed on the front teeth twice a day for 30 minutes for two weeks during which the material located on the segment whitening teeth, and can live results of this bleach period of four months Whitening at the dentist Better and faster means of teeth whitening, where the doctor uses severe bleach but it does not affect the strength of the teeth, the doctor will put a protective layer of the gums around the teeth to avoid whitening effect upon material is then placed this material on the teeth directly lasers can be used to accelerate the bleaching process
What are the benefits of dental implants?
Is the best alternative among the other alternatives replacing either fixed or mobile, where fixtures need teeth surrounding the missing tooth carving a portion of the tooth can not be restored later, the tooth has displays of sensitivity and decay The animated compositions are prone to movement during eating and talking, causing inconvenience and embarrassment as well as their impact on the jawbone atrophy
Among the benefits of dental implants
Prevent bone atrophy place of the missing tooth and maintain Maintain natural teeth are intact and keep it. How? Upon loss of a tooth and Astaadth traditional methods we will need to carve surrounding the missing tooth healthy teeth, and what are Astaadth is the crown portion just any exposed part above the gum surface, but with dental implants, it is possible to replace the root of the tooth crown without the need for a groove surrounding the missing tooth healthy teeth Get teeth fixed Kthbat natural teeth (both used to replace one tooth or all teeth), where not moving while chewing food or speech and other Regain self .... trust where it is after that man gets replacing fixed and beautiful shape natural Kalosinan it will regain a lot of things, not just the ability to chew food and speak comfortably and without worry, but will regain his self-confidence and become his natural and more effective Help the stability of formulations animated teeth effectively and thus avoid embarrassment during eating or talking and improves the ability to chew food
How are dental implants
Dental Implants are the stages are The first stage: the implants made of pure titanium metal in the jawbone place the missing tooth put in place after the preparation of an appropriate place Second stage: the healing and the so-called binds to bone between the jawbone and the implant is happening, and takes three months for the mandible and six months of the maxilla Third stage: the final structure, which is similar to natural teeth in terms of shape and color, This phase includes several sessions are necessary for the work of the final composition, such as taking editions of the mouth and the experience of the final composition before installing them once and for all
What are the appropriate cases for dental implants?
Dental implants are the ideal solution for missing teeth both sprocket or teeth or all of the group, and suitable for the elderly and middle-aged, it is advised to delay their work for children up to eighteen years attained the age taking into account the quality and quantity of bone as an important and essential and against which the dentist decide the validity of the case Implant
Are there any health contraindications may prevent an operation dental implants?
Of course there are health obstacles to making the process of agriculture such as non patient's ability to tolerate any surgery because he has a serious disease that may affect the healing of the bone and gums such as advanced cases of the disease immune deficiency disorders bone or blood vessels as well as the high volatility of the level of sugar in the blood, or the patient's exposure to high doses of radiation treatment, these cases seriously affect the success of dental implants, there are other cases in relative influence on the success of agriculture and advised processed first, and then put dental implants and these things frequent smoking and neglect of oral health care by the patient, and remain competent dentist is to decide the validity of the situation for agriculture or not
Do you take a missing tooth offset by farming a long time?
Typically ranging from agriculture duration of three to six months may be longer than that, and this is due to the patient's condition and the extent of the bone in response to agriculture, and during the treatment period lost alternatives Sunni temporary tooth offset until the date of final fixtures
Are dental implants painful process?
It is dental implants operation under local anesthesia ... so it is painful, but the patient's swelling simple may feel may feel uncomfortable within a few days after the operation, which may accompany any other surgical procedure takes place in the mouth and teeth as a process of dislocation Sprocket - for example - usually distracted doctor of dental medicine to relieve pain and inflammation