Oral Surgery include many of the most important cases Antmar wisdom tooth Wisdom tooth is the last tooth formation, and in some cases have a wide jaw and can wisdom teeth emerge naturally as the rest of the teeth But in most cases there is not enough space for the wisdom tooth and the neighboring teeth tooth disability leading to partial or total Antmar molar between the jawbone and gums It is possible that Antmar wisdom teeth cause pain and infections and tumors in the mouth, it can also wisdom teeth cause permanent damage to the gums and bone and adjacent teeth They can also wisdom tooth Almntmr to cause the composition of benign or malignant tumors can cause the destruction of the jaw so the dentist advised to remove wisdom teeth surgically Almntmr It should be noted here that the wisdom tooth is not the only people who can be Mntmr Alantmar has happened in other teeth (upper Kalonaab) and Alantmar can cause the same damage caused Antmar wisdom tooth started Tooth loss The dental implants an option to compensate for the loss of teeth, and dental implants is an artificial alternative to the roots of the teeth to prove in the jaw surgery Problems in the jaw It entails many problems in the jaw surgeries such as Fractures resulting from accidents Eradicate tumors Cleft lip and palate deformities and genetic Maxillofacial and neck infections Snoring